Top 3 Favorite Feminine Washes

A female specie’s lady parts if often not a part of life’s daily conversations, but…

A female specie’s lady parts if often not a part of life’s daily conversations, but here at BDJ Box, we like covering every bit of our beauty landscape. Feminine washes are used to regulate a lady’s vaginal hygiene and health, because factors such as pH balance and discharge and vaginal flora exist. When I asked my OB-Gyne, she reiterated that the vagina is actually a self-cleaning organ, which means there is no need for special washes. However, I prefer using one most days, mostly because my mind believes it’s cleaner vs. otherwise. I’m sharing my favorites below!

1. Summer’s Eve

This one is rarely available locally, so I get mine in the US. My mom first introduced it to me and it sounded familiar because I saw it in the GirlTalk threads. This has a mild formula and many GirlTalkers have sworn this prevents any odors down there.

2. pH Care

My OB-Gyne recommended this gem of a feminine wash. It’s affordable and most recently, they released new guava and papaya scents. It’s mild, too, and leaves the v area smelling fresh! This one is a winner for being available almost everywhere, too.

3. Human Heart Nature Feminine Wash

It’s slightly embarrassing to admit, but the reason I discovered that such product existed was because its salesperson was a guy. In my head, how can a guy sell me something he doesn’t use? I found the idea rather novel and got myself a bottle. I especially loved the chamomile variant and it’s my go-to wash for days I want an extra mild one.

How about you, Bellas? What’s your favorite feminine wash?

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