The Popped Pimple Remedy

I got a huge, huge, huge pimple over my cheek the other month (it was…

I got a huge, huge, huge pimple over my cheek the other month (it was a hormonal-related breakout). I didn’t have time to go to the derma, so this one was ripening before my eyes and it was taking all of my self-control not to pop it. Unfortunately, it ended up bursting after I took a hot shower. Try my go-to tricks to making sure that a popped pimple (whether accidental or not) heals well and doesn’t get infected:

1. Get everything out.Gently press your ring finger around the pimple area to squeeze out any pus.

2. Apply zit cream ASAP.I prefer to use anything with benzoyl peroxide, erythromycin, or salicylic acid. These will help heal the pimple and safeguard it from any infections.

3. Ice it down.If it’s red or swollen, wrap an ice cube in a paper towel and swirl it around the pimple. Try not to get the actual pimple wet though for at least 12 hours.

4. Ditch the makeup.Over the next two to three days, I don’t apply any concealer or foundation over the area. Sure, I’ll feel a little self-conscious, but the way I see it, makeup might just irritate my skin further—and I don’t want that zit to resurrect.

5. Keep treating it.Continue to apply the zit cream twice a day until it clears up. Once it does, it usually leaves a dark spot behind. If this happens to you, too, read how to lighten it up here.

Did you ever have this beauty dilemma? What did you do to fix it? Tell us, Bellas!

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