The Magic of Storytelling

Ina Bacud works as an established HR professional. What many do not know about her,…

Ina Bacud works as an established HR professional. What many do not know about her, however, is that she holds Lego Serious Play sessions for individuals, couples, groups, and organizations.

Ina is a certified Lego Serious Play facilitator. Through what she does at Lego Life Builds, she helps people discover the stories within them and unravel their futures, one Lego brick at a time.

Stories are a significant part of Ina’s life. Growing up, she frequently received books as gifts. “I liked reading a lot, and loved it when my Mama told me stories.”

It is this love of storytelling that propels her to tell powerful stories. Her Life Builds workshops have helped people make clearer decisions and lay the groundwork for making their dreams come to reality.

One of her clients, a working mom, aspired to have a promotion. A Life Builds session with Ina turned out to be pivotal; she learned what she needed to do, and the action steps to achieve it. “After a few months, my client was promoted to unit manager in her workplace.”

Ina believes her magic is in allowing people to be themselves and giving them the freedom to choose. “I like holding the space so people can feel vulnerable and then find their way back to clarity and hope.” In the same vein, she sees to it that she takes good care of herself, in order to be a blessing to other people.

I can only make sure I take good care of myself and protect my space so I can be of help to others.

Ina encourages people to “Always remember to play–to play hard, and play from the heart.” In doing so, she uses her magic of storytelling to unleash the magic in others as well.