The Magic of Serving Your Community

Since she was young, Trina Firmalo has been involved in serving her community. “I have…

Since she was young, Trina Firmalo has been involved in serving her community. “I have always wanted to be involved in something that is worthwhile,”  In her high school and college years, she served in student council. “I’ve always wanted to be involved in things,” she smiles. She describes her transition to the government as a “natural progression.” Meeting peoples’ needs through serving was second nature, and it helped her to keep going.

Trina describes herself as a visionary.  “When you envision something, you can make it happen. When it takes form, it’s very rewarding.” she declares. 

Trina currently serves as the city mayor of Odiongan, Romblon. She helps unleash what is special and unique in others through the work that she does. Many of her staff have been in government work for as long as 30 years. Some of them, in fact, are paying off sizeable debts that leave them with very little take-home pay.

Trina acknowledges the challenges that her team members are facing–and she’s taking steps to do something about it. “I want to bring the back passion in the work,” she shares. “Good government workers can’t serve well if their lives are in shambles.” Her project, Serbisyong May Puso, gives them an opportunity to improve their quality of life. She holds financial literacy classes and resource development training for her staff to equip them in properly stewarding their money.

Trina empowers her team with uplifting words. “Being in government is a privilege. You have to make things count,” she tells her staff members. “I want them to feel the magic of public service by (encouraging them to) make a difference every day.”

Trina believes in the magic innate in the next generation. She encourages young people to find their niche and excel at what they’re good at. She holds free talks for high school and college students, speaking on topics such as financial literacy, making a difference in their community. and knowing their purpose. “As long as you see your purpose, you will see the day to day as something meaningful,” she declares.

Trina is an example of a woman who walks her talk and knows the magic inside of her full well. As a result, she is able to inspire others with her example, and enable them to shine and soar.