The Magic of Self-Discovery

Guada Tagalog looks young for her age. It is this youthfulness that makes her heart…

Guada Tagalog looks young for her age. It is this youthfulness that makes her heart hungry and thriving in the fields she is involved in. She sees the world with eyes wide open, expectant to see the possibilities of what could be.

Guada was into music growing up and was, in fact, part of a band when she was younger. But it took a spiritual awakening for her to discover a new medium: art.
It was this medium of expression that allowed her to be honest with herself. “I discovered that I have a story to tell, and I had to figure it out for myself.” One of her life’s biggest lessons is learning to be content with who she was. “Our purpose,” she shares, “is to be who we really are.” She discovered that purpose through embracing her innate gifts and talents. She connects with others through life coaching, mindfulness, and meditation. In doing so, she has found like-minded individuals with whom she has made friends and found a community.
How does Guada shine her unique light to the world? “I see the beauty and magic in everything.” All too often, people see difficulties as burdens. Guada chooses to see the good in every day and being thankful for what life throws her way.
“There is more to life than the validation of others,” Guada declares. “Instead of trying to fit the mold, why not create it?” It is this confidence that allows her to inspire others to be authentic, exercise kindness daily, and make her mark in the universe. “When you are being yourself, you will make a difference.”
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