The Magic of Movement

Mara Andres is a yoga instructor and therapist, but there is so much more to…

Mara Andres is a yoga instructor and therapist, but there is so much more to her than that. She describes herself as a movement artist and is also involved in intuitive card reading and reiki healing.

Mara describes herself as being active as a child. Other than dancing, Mara enjoyed swimming, running, and playing tennis. Physical activity proved to be her venue of self-expression. “Being a very passionate kid, movement provided a space for me to be true to myself.”
While she was working in video production, Mara continued to pursue her passion despite her hectic schedule. “Movement was my refuge. Movement allowed me to have a deeper holistic relationship with myself.” Whether it was teaching or being a student, Mara used movement to ground herself whenever she felt overwhelmed.
The desire to pursue the call as a movement artist became greater. “Not answering its call would mean not living out my mission in this lifetime.”
Mara takes each opportunity to train others as a way to unleash her magic. “Every opportunity to teach is an opportunity to help others find their inner rhythm.” She believes that using our bodies is a powerful and magical means to share our stories. “It is honest, raw, vulnerable and beautiful.”
How would Mara want to change the world, if she had the power to make it magical for everyone? “(We) should dance more and not let the fear of being judged or criticized get in the way of that experience.”
Mara inspires the next generation to listen to the music within. “The world is your stage and the universe wants you to shine. And when you shine, you will inspire other people to do the same. Whether with other people or with yourself, keep dancing through life.”