The Magic of Lifelong Learning

Magic is fueled not only by passion but also by one’s perseverance to learn. With…

Magic is fueled not only by passion but also by one’s perseverance to learn. With a bigger platform for influencing and an even bigger space for new things, Karen Ibasco, former college instructor, medical physicist, and Miss Earth 2017, chose to continue pursuing knowledge.

Although she admitted that she was a late bloomer who hated studying, Karen became who she is today when she embraced the love of learning back in college. She craved it so much that she took up her master’s in Applied Physics major in Medical Physics,  right after her undergraduate degree in Applied Physics at the University of Santo Tomas. Karen graduated with cum laude honors on both degrees. “I just continue learning. I never stop.” She currently goes through various classes, including that of public speaking.

With a wider audience as an environmentalist collaborating with non-governmental organizations, Karen makes sure that whatever she does within the platform she’s given, she does it with all her heart, whether it’s taking a job or becoming an ambassador of a brand, and never for money. One of her known collaborations is the One Thousand Trees for the Future, A Tree Planting Activity with The Open Arms for Children, Inc. and the Philippine Department of Environment and Natural Resources back in July 2018.

And so, if she had a magic wand, Karen would like to change people’s perspectives—to broaden how they see life. She wants to start the change within her so that she could channel her inner energy to others, inspiring them to dream as she does.

Karen would like to harness the next generation with an earnest note based on her journey so far as someone who didn’t expect to become a physicist and to represent the Philippines on the international stage: “…the message I could give to the next generation is to never stop believing, you know? You can never limit yourself to just this. God can use you in extraordinary ways, you just have to let Him use you for His glory.”