The Magic of Empowering Others

People are afraid of seeing themselves fully, out of a fear of judgment. Helping individuals…

People are afraid of seeing themselves fully, out of a fear of judgment. Helping individuals find and love themselves is a special kind of magic that Beverly Ongson does.

Beverly’s compassion started at a young age, as she became the person her peers could rely on. She was the person to talk to, a motivator that would encourage others to live progressively-healing lives by dealing with their issues. This passion to lift others up paved the way for her to pursue her current career as a psychologist, therapist, psychological first-aider and life coach. She is the founder of Dear Future Self Consulting, an organization that offers face-to-face counseling services and group trainings and seminars.

Through Dear Future Self, Beverly has unleashed the magic of people by enlightening their path to rediscovering themselves, so that they can transcend beyond what they thought they could never achieve. She also empowers people to go deeper in their progress and lets them see themselves as inspiration and be known as survivors who fought courageously in their battle in improving their future selves. Other than counseling and seminars, Beverly regularly interacts with people on Dear Future Self’s page. She also specializes in handling Individual Therapy, Everyday Stress & Anxiety, Relationship Problems, Personal Development & Emotional Counseling,  Loss & Grief, Life Coaching, Employee Counseling, and Work Stress & Work-Life Balance.

With a magic wand, Beverly will give individuals the inner spark to lift themselves up because if they can do so, they can also do the same to others in need.

When it comes to harnessing the magic of the next generation, Beverly says that the key and very first step is acceptance. “They have to live true to who they are, so they can live every day meaningfully.” She also encourages others to be considerate and to inspire those in need of help to come out of their shell.