The Magic of Earnest Compassion

Caring earnestly and without prejudice is a power that could lift generations. As a stay-home…

Caring earnestly and without prejudice is a power that could lift generations. As a stay-home mother of two and a founding member of Miss Possibilities Foundation, Racquel “RQ” Chua Uy has contributed a lot in honing young persons with Down syndrome to love and accept themselves.

Growing up, Racquel was exposed to her mother helping other people. This inspired her to start doing the same. Her acts of service started small. “When I was younger, I tried helping out in any way I could,” she shares. “(Doing so) makes them happy and (fills) my heart.”

Today, out of compassion and with her son Rylee born with Down syndrome, Racquel carved a place in her heart for the young ones who need a mother figure to uplift them the way she does for her son. “Through Miss Possibilities, I make more people happy and fulfilled,” she beams.

Miss Possibilities is Asia’s first beauty pageant for young women with special needs. Through the program, she unleashes the magic of her fellow mothers, with or without kids with special needs, by motivating them to help others see their worth and let them shine their full light. The foundation celebrates the accomplishments of special-needs children and their value in society by letting them step up for themselves through beauty pageants. A world without prejudice is what Racquel seeks for those who are different. With a magic wand, she wishes to cast love all around to heal the gaps between people, so that each person’s uniqueness will be wholeheartedly accepted.

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” Dr. Seuss said in his book The Lorax, a quote Racquel strongly believes in. She wants to harness the magic of others by paying the love she received from her loved ones forward, making someone smile each day for it surely will make a difference tomorrow.