The Magic of Childlike Wonder

Child-like curiosity is always one of the most powerful sources of magic. With her colorful,…

Child-like curiosity is always one of the most powerful sources of magic. With her colorful, whimsical illustrations, freelance illustrator and graphic designer Maria Sabrina “Sab” Palmares is proof of that.

Growing up, Sab and her sisters were used to making their own toys out of paper and household items. With a middle-income earner father and a stay-home mother, Sab was provided with all the basic needs and education but seldom received toys or books. Instead, she was encouraged to play outside and repurpose and deconstruct old household items. Sab thinks that this encouraged her to be more curious and creative in how she views the world and to try to make her imagination come to life through her illustrations. As an adult, Sab has maintained her childhood wonder, viewing the world through it. Doing so helped her stay rooted and authentic, especially now that everything seems to be fast-paced, overwhelming, and convenient to most people.


Sab hopes that her illustrations unleash the magic of imagination in others, enough to be curious in seeing the world differently. If she had a magic wand, she will give free access to quality education for all—without an age limit. She wants others to experience imaginative and colorful learning the way she did when she was young, like when she spent her time in the library to read children’s books. With this in mind, she would like to focus in the future on projects that will help provide creative educational materials to the local community, especially to kids who have limited access to these.