Believing You Can: Sherill Quintana

Ingenuity and creativity are some traits that Filipinos are known for. Sherill Quintana, the founder…

Ingenuity and creativity are some traits that Filipinos are known for. Sherill Quintana, the founder of Oryspa Solutions, exercises both in great measure–coupled with authenticity and heart.

Sherill’s journey in business began with selling natural products such as virgin coconut oil, aromatherapy candles, and essential oils. In 2008, she discovered rice bran, or darak, and the unique business opportunities it offered.

Darak is used in feeds for livestock. Its oil extract is rich in Vitamins A and E, which are beneficial in skin renewal. Darak is abundant with oryzanol, an antioxidant that combats skin aging.

Oryspa is a portmanteau of “oryza sativa,” the scientific name of rice, and “spa.” Today, the Department of Trade and Industry cites Oryspa as “a pioneering brand in the health and wellness sector.” From its humble beginnings at Sherill’s home kitchen, Oryspa has won several awards, including the 2016 ASEAN Business Award for Healthcare.

Sherill believes in Oryspa’s unique selling proposition. The mother of four created a need based on her market: the desire to be pampered while remaining healthy.

How did Sherill keep on keeping on? “Challenge yourself to imagine the opposite of the norm,” she shares in a feature on the DTI official website. “In business, it pays to be deviant.

In 2018, Sherill was awarded the Asia Pacific Woman Entrepreneur of the Year. The accolade was granted by Confederation of Asia Pacific Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CACCI), held in Istanbul, Turkey.

When Sherill received her award, one of the judges applauded her for how she modeled how a woman entrepreneur and owner of an MSME went to “greater heights but remained viciously authentic to your vision and values.”

Sherill believes that her business is inextricably linked not just to the unique needs of her consumers, but the Filipino brand as a whole. “It is like I am building a house with one post missing because my motivation lies in being known as a Filipino brand.” In fact, she is known for saying that “Yes, the Filipino brand can.

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