Review: Maybelline Volume Express Magnum Mascara

If there is one makeup product I certainly cannot live without, it’s mascara. Even without my daily…

If there is one makeup product I certainly cannot live without, it’s mascara. Even without my daily semi-smokey eyes, a coat or two of mascara will usually do the trick to make me look a little more awake and chipper on days when I probably could use a few more hours of sleep. Aside from that, it helps emphasize my eyes in general if I don’t have time to do the whole shebang.

After years of writing about makeup and beauty, Erica’s go-to mascara brand is still Maybelline.

Having been a beauty writer for over a decade, you can imagine how many tubes of mascara I have gone through and I noticed one thing always stands true through the test of time and despite the rising number of mascaras available—Maybelline is still, in my opinion, the best when it comes to prettifying your eyelashes! I’ve been a fan ever since I tried that famous pink and green tube of Great Lash, and even after discontinuing that particular product in the Philippines, its replacements have not let me down.

At first I didn’t think I’d get over the death of Great Lash (sure it’s available in other countries but it’s too much of a hassle to have people bring it for you all the time) but after trying a few Maybelline mascaras now, particularly the Magnum Volum’ Express, I can say, and not grudgingly, that the new formulations and wands are even better. First of all, I use only waterproof, so the Magnum already reeled me in to give it a try with that. When I finally did try it, I was happy to see the amount of volume it added to my lashes. People are always asking me if my eyelashes are real, and that’s even after only one coat and without even using an eyelash curler. Imagine the effect when I go the extra mile!

Maybelline Volum’ Express Magnum Mascara, P399

Maybelline Magnum Volum’ Express also withstands the day to night test. My eyelashes stayed curled and perky until I removed my makeup late in the day with no need for touchups. The product did not flake and definitely didn’t smudge. One time, I was out late at night dancing when some person decided to throw water up in the air, hitting my face. I was pretty annoyed, but guess what? My mascara stayed put. True story! This mascara is definitely a great choice for busy women who have days that usually go on until the evening and those who are active throughout the day. After many years of harping on Great Lash, I’m glad I found something just as good, if not better, to replace it with.

Which Maybelline mascara did you get from the October BDJBox, bellas?

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