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By Kristine Roces of Real Asian Beauty Imagine a world where there’s just black and white.…

By Kristine Roces of Real Asian Beauty

Imagine a world where there’s just black and white. Yes, just like the old classic movies we see. Dull and lifeless, for sure! Then, imagine a world in full color, rainbows, unicorns, and cotton candy everywhere! Isn’t that picture more fun and lively? Same rule applies to our hair! That’s why I am so glad hair coloring was invented. Now people can go out and have vibrant hair colors such as blonde, brown, red and even pink, blue, and purple!

Today I will show you how I achieved a beautiful golden nude brown hair color using the new L’Oréal Paris Excellence Fashion hair coloring kit. This is going to be so fun and easy, and you’ll have gorgeous, vibrant hair in just 6 steps!

Below is how my hair looked prior to coloring using the product. I colored my hair in dark brown a few months ago, but the roots have grown and my original black hair color started showing.

This is what’s inside the box. It is so convenient because it has everything you need for that successful DIY hair color session! There’s nothing more inconvenient than having to remember where you put your gloves or if you were still able to keep the thin comb and brush you used the last time you self-colored you hair. This one is a complete package!

What’s inside the box: 
• Protective Pre-color Serum
• Protective Crème Colorant
• Crème Developer
• Protective Conditioner
• High-Quality Gloves
• Comb Applicator

Shade I used: 6.13 Golden Nude Brown

Step 1: Take the L’Oréal Protective Pre-Serum and squeeze out a generous amount of the product on your palm. Then, apply it on the roots and tips of your hair.

If you’ve had your hair colored before, have you noticed how it becomes extremely rough and dry after coloring? Using the protective pre-serum will prep your hair for the coloring. It will also prevent the hair from being dry and damaged.

Step 2: Mix the color. Pour crème colorant into the developer bottle.

Step 3: Put the applicator cap back to the bottle and shake vigorously.

Remember to either twist off the tip of the cap or remove the cap completely and then place the comb applicator tip. Failure to do this might lead to bubbling of the product inside the bottle.

Step 4: Use the comb applicator to easily glide through your hair and to ensure equal distribution of colorant.

Be sure that you are keeping your delicate hands protected by wearing the high-quality colorist gloves that came in the box.

Step 5: If you are doing a retouch like me, apply the color mixture to the roots or gray area first. You do this because the lower part of your hair already has color and doesn’t need much time anymore for the hair color to develop. Then, part your hair into small and even sections using the applicator comb.

After you have applied product on the entire root area, get the remaining product and apply it through the hair. Make sure you are still applying evenly to avoid ugly color patches!

Let it develop for 30 minutes.

Quick tips:
• Finish the entire product in one session. Keeping some for future use is not advisable since the product might oxidize when already exposed in air.
• Do not let the hair color set on hair longer than what is written on the instruction manual. When you let it sit past its suggested time, the color doesn’t develop anymore. Your hair will just get damaged.

Step 6: Rinse the hair, and then apply a generous amount of the protective conditioner. Let it stay on your hair for about 5 minutes and then rinse thoroughly.

In just 6 easy steps, say hello to a more vibrant and colorful hair—all thanks to the L’Oréal Excellence Fashion Hair Color!

Here is a photo collage to show how much prettier my hair looks now with color!

Don’t you think the color is just so pretty? It’s not too bright so it won’t make me look washed-out, yet it’s vibrant enough to make my hair look glowy and lively! I love the shade of brown that I got this time. It’s even perfect when I’m under the sun or light.

• Comes with a complete set for a convenient DIY hair color session.
• It has no stingy smell.
• It doesn’t burn the skin or scalp.
• The color doesn’t drip. It is creamy!
• It doesn’t leave color stain on the skin.
• Easy application, thanks to the applicator comb.
• Leaves vibrant color on hair.
• Hair would still be soft and shiny, even after coloring!

• May not contain enough product if your hair is super long. I suggest getting two boxes if you have long or thick hair.

This is my hair after coloring! I loved this hair color product from L’Oréal. Some of the things that I have to point out is that L’Oréal came up with such a brilliant idea of putting an applicator comb in the set. I colored my hair on my own, without the help of anyone but I was still able to color the back and the nape area. It was so convenient! I also loved how my hair did not get dry nor damaged after coloring. In fact, it even became softer and smoother. How is that even possible? I love the protective conditioner that came with the set! Now I wish L’Oréal would sell it separately. I would hoard it; it’s so good!

I hope you liked this DIY hair color tutorial, Bellas!

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Photos courtesy of Kristine Roces

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