Review: Garnier Home Color Kit DIY Hair Dye

The August BDJ Box came with a box of Garnier Color Naturals Cream. The shade was Light Brown,…

The August BDJ Box came with a box of Garnier Color Naturals Cream. The shade was Light Brown, just the hue a new mommy needs. Yes, if you don’t have time to go regularly to a salon because you’re a busy mom or career woman, keep your hair color as close as possible to your natural color. This way, even though your roots start showing, no one can tell! Speaking of roots, mine were showing and since I just gave birth, I definitely won’t see the inside of a salon for months! So I’m glad BDJ Box had the Garnier Color Naturals box.

I haven’t colored my own hair in years. I always have it done by a professional hairstylist. So I was pretty impressed that Garnier was so easy to use. I took out my hair color kit from Avon, mixed the color and developer, applied all over my two-toned hair, and after about 30 minutes, I looked fab again!

Here’s my review:

1. I love that the scent isn’t that strong. Sure, it still smelled like chemicals but I was in my tiny bathroom and I didn’t suffocate!

2. My hair felt soft and smooth after I dried it. So I liked that the product lived up to its motto: “Nourished hair, better color.”
3. As for the color, well, my hair is nice and brown! Just like in the photo on the box!

Will I DIY color my hair again? Well, much as I liked the product, I choose to go to the salon for my next color session. I was so worried the color will ruin my clothes and bathroom. I was actually cleaning up, wiping down, rinsing off the bathroom and hair color tools while I waited for my hair to cure! Not a relaxing way for an already busy and tired mom to spend her spare time.

Garnier Color Naturals, P199 (100ml)


DIY or pro?
I always say, “Go to a professional!” because your hair will turn out beautifully when done at a salon. But I’m aware that a full color job can be expensive. Rates usually start at P2,500, with things like hair length, how thick your hair is, and how crazy you want to go (for example, going blond requires a lengthy bleaching process) affecting the total cost.

Home hair color, like Garnier Color Naturals, is safe* and easy to use and so much cheaper than going to a salon. So if you’re going one or two shades lighter/darker or you just want to cover gray hair, just color your hair yourself. But if you want a whole new look, a very different color (blond! red!) or lots of beautiful highlights, best to go to the pros.

If your hair is also chemically treated (you got a perm or had your hair staightened), don’t color it yourself. A professional stylist will know best how to treat your hair without causing damage.

Wash or no wash?
No wash! And that means before and after hair coloring! Dye your hair one or two days after shampooing so that the natural oils of your scalp will have coated your strands, protecting them from the chemicals. It has to be your natural oils. Conditioners and treatments coat your hair with silicones, making it hard for the dye to penetrate the hair shaft.

No wash, too, after hair color! This will allow the dye to be fully absorbed. Wait two days (or more) before grabbing the shampoo. Plus, try not to wash your hair often because every shower means color down the drain.

Throw or keep?
If you have very short hair or if you’re just touching up your roots, you’ll only need a little of the hair color mixture. The instructions say to always throw away unused mixture but throwing away the rest does seem wasteful! Here’s what Mommy Frances recommends: Mix a tablespoon of the color with one tablespoon of developer. Add more if needed, just as long as you keep it equal parts. Then keep the rest, untouched in their tube and bottle, and use for your next touch-up!

*Home hair color is safe unless you are allergic to its ingredients. Always do a skin test before applying color.

Frances is a mommy to three little boys but she doesn’t let the busyness of motherhood stop her from trying to look pretty! For more on her stylish adventures as a mom, visit Topaz Mommy or follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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