Review: Beach Hut Max Clear Spray

When I was younger, my Dad would remind me to apply SPF even if I’m…

When I was younger, my Dad would remind me to apply SPF even if I’m just going to play on snowmobiles. “Did you know that snow has the capability to reflect the sun so you actually still get burned even if you’re surrounded by ice?” he said. Of course, growing up in Manila, I had no idea. I just slathered on SPF as told and since then I had always chosen the one with highest SPF.


“Actually, SPF 50 is fine, sweetheart. Any higher than that is just goo,” Dad added. Being white and living in the age of gooey sunblock creams, he passed on his wisdom to his clueless stepdaughter.

Two months ago, as my family and I were vacationing in Canada where summer for me is still too cold, I packed my Beach Hut SPF and sprayed it on, shattering Dad’s belief that everything above SPF 50 is just goo.

Beach Hut Max Clear Spray Sunblock SPF 75+, P399

My thoughts on the product, and a few application tips:

  1. Beach Hut Max Clear Spray lives up to its name. It was clear and not goo-like at all.
  2. As it needs to be applied when the skin is dry, wait a bit until your lotion is dry before spraying on the SPF.
  3. Because Beach Hut Max doesn’t give off that white cast that other sunblocks have, it’s great for outdoor activities such as lounging at the beach, taking bikini pictures under the sun, playing football, and hanging by the lake. This SPF product is both sweat and waterproof.
  4. Because it’s not gooey, there’s no icky malagkit feeling that’s very common with other sunblock products. Hooray!
  5. It’s asy to apply, unlike SPF lotions that need take about 15 minutes of slathering.
  6. Since it’s applied by spraying, you may also easily spray the product on your neck and back without asking someone for help.
  7. The orange bottle makes it easy to spot inside a bag because it’s just so vibrant and summery.

Overall: Beach Hut may just be the next best thing since the last best sunblock I tried. I’m so glad it came at the right time during my summer vacation in Canada. I would probably reach for this for everyday use but SPF75 is too much for daily use. I shall save this for my next bout of long hours under the sun.

Bellas, did you try the Beach Hut Max from the July BDJ Box? Share your comments below or write your own review in our review central.

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