Striving for Greater: Quest

Anthems of positivity and persevering despite one’s struggles through life are the key messages in…

Anthems of positivity and persevering despite one’s struggles through life are the key messages in Quest’s music.

Known for his hits Walang Hanggan, Sige Lang, and Unang Hakbang, Jose Villanueva III, wanted to empower today’s generation of the power of looking at the brighter side of life and picking yourself up after a long battle—all these through the medium that easily pierces through the human heart the most: music.

The singer-songwriter didn’t start with big dreams and aspirations. He testified in an interview with Philstar last October 2017, “I grew up an alcoholic, a brawler, and a bully. My dad was a drug addict and (my family was) hostile. Everybody thought my life would go left side.”

For directionless beginnings and a dark path in his life, Quest found his “winning moment” (as he coined it to be) when he was brought to a Christian fellowship by his sister, which then paved the way for his skills to grow. After being given an offer to further propel his musical career, he decided that this would be the start of a Quest–a journey to inspire people and encourage them to live with positivity, where his name and advocacy as a musician came from.

But the quest to the life of a champion wasn’t all that smooth, as the accomplished singer-songwriter admitted he wasn’t confident in singing. He turned to rap music so he didn’t have to hit high notes. But this definitely did not stop him from inspiring today’s generation through his soulful lyrics and meaningful pieces. Over the years, he bagged awards such as the Awit Award for Album of the Year for “Life of a Champion” and Best Inspirational Song for “Higher.”

He embodied his lyrics through a lifelong advocacy of hoping and remaining positive despite his trials and humble beginnings. Evidently seen through his lyrics: “Pagbigyan mo ang bukas / Wag kang matakot umusad / Kapag nahanap ang lunas, ang nakaabang ay walang katulad” and “Ilabas ang iyong pangarap / Huwag mo ‘yang itago / Samahan mo ng sipag at tatag ng puso.”

From a billboard along Guadalupe with the tagline, “Abot mo ang mundo” and a random notebook found while cleaning up, to hitting the top spots on the charts and earning collaborations with fellow artists, Quest believes that a little spark of positivity and hope in a world where negativity reigns sits in eminence would go a long way. This is where the Quest for the Life of a Champion began and continues to go.

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