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At the Freedom to Dream Summit 2019, we are partnering with a number of non-profit…

At the Freedom to Dream Summit 2019, we are partnering with a number of non-profit organizations to help advance their cause and enable them to empower the dreams of more people.

Here are the stories of our beneficiary organizations:

A Better Life Ahead: Project Red Ribbon and Their HIV/AIDS Advocacy
by Justine Perez

Even decades after the disease was brought to the limelight, there remains a growing majority who are unfamiliar with HIV and AIDS. And although the disease continues to affect a sizable chunk of the population, we have yet to establish enough services and organizations that aim to address the need for education and prevention.

Enter Project Red Ribbon – a care management foundation that’s non-stock and non-profit and registered under the SEC. It consists not only of advocates and supporters but PLHIVs – persons living with HIV. The foundation provides education, resources, treatment, and other forms of support in the hopes of improving the quality of life of those inflicted with the disease.

The foundation began with a simple blog post by a PLHIV who wanted to document his journey online. From a digital diary, his website was soon transformed into a community where people raised queries about the condition. Through the years, Pozziepinoy’s blog post was able to create a community where people can freely and anonymously obtain the resources that they need.

Through the years, this safe space for awareness grew and the blog was soon converted into a fully-functional website that’s currently the premier HIV blog in the Philippines; reaching thousands of daily readers on an international scale. The foundation also established numerous partnerships with medical agencies and the like and have been able to continuously provide monetary support to PLHIVs with outstanding bills and medical needs.

These days, all efforts are still running strong and more people are volunteering their time, money, and skills to the cause. Interested in lending them a hand? Visit for more information.


Empowering Kids for a Better Future: The Story of TREK
by Chesca Quimora

Their perseverance to climb mountains turned into passion celebrating the lives of Filipino children when a group of mountain climbers from different organizations decided to gather at Itogon, Benguet back in December 2007. At first, Trails to Empower Kidsbetter known as TREKonly wanted to bring the joy of celebrating to children in these mountainous and isolated areas, carrying loot bags, party food, and school supplies.

But as they continued, the group realized that the communities have more crucial needs. There was a lack of essential facilities: comfort rooms, classrooms, libraries, and playgrounds. Water supply was scarce, and there was a need for food and medical assistance. As they accomplished their earnest missions to provide for the community, TREK also made sure that they extended personal belongings to the youth, such as footwear, raincoats, mess kits, and clothes.

Now, thanks to the help of generous donors and over three hundred volunteers, TREK was able to organize over thirty-three missions, including relief work, reaching fifty schools and serving ten thousand students in areas like Kalinga, Aurora, and Zambales.

Reach the highest peaks and bring the future closer to the youth by volunteering or donating. To learn more about how you could support them, you may reach TREK through or by stopping by their booth at the Freedom to Dream Summit 2019.