Importance of Thorough Rinsing

Almost all the labels on shampoos and facial cleansers advise this: “Rinse thoroughly.” Yet hairstylists…

Almost all the labels on shampoos and facial cleansers advise this: “Rinse thoroughly.” Yet hairstylists and dermatologists I know tell me that people often rush through this all-important step. That is a big mistake! Here’s when and why you should rinse thoroughly:

Before shampoo

Rinsing hair ‘til it’s wet through and through has two benefits: (1) You remove any styling products, sweat, dust, and oils. But wait, isn’t that the job of the shampoo? Think of it this way: Ever tried laundering a damp shirt? If we soak the laundry before applying detergent, we should do the same to our hair. Give it a thorough soaking so that (2) your shampoo will have an easier time cleansing your hair. You won’t even need a lot of shampoo because your hair is already clean.

After shampoo

Shampoo is a detergent—it strips hair of oils and dirt. That’s why we’re advised to just shampoo the scalp. If we don’t rinse thoroughly, that shampoo will either dry as flakes (and look like dandruff!) or irritate scalp. A thorough rinsing also prepares hair for conditioner.

After conditioner

When conditioner isn’t rinsed off completely, hair can be left feeling heavy or looking oily.

After a shower

Ever stepped out of the shower and noticed a trail of bubbles down your leg or a slipperiness under your arms? Don’t just wipe those off with your towel. Rinse, rinse, rinse! Soap that’s left on your skin may cause irritation or dryness. That’s what my dermatologist told me when I complained about my scaly legs. He said, “It’s dried soap. You have to rinse thoroughly and completely.”

After facial cleanser

As I already mentioned, improper rinsing can cause irritation and dryness. Leftover facial cleanser also makes it difficult for your skincare creams to work. So rinse thoroughly!

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