Freedom to Dream Summit

Do you believe you are worthy of a great life and an amazing calling, be it big or small? Perhaps, you have never been told that you are valuableboth strengths and weaknessesbecause you are unique, and there is gap in this world that no one else but you can fill.

Do you often find yourself stumped and unmotivated–showing up like clockwork but thoroughly uninspired by what you’re doing? Maybe you’re looking for something more meaningfulsomething that creates positive impactdeeper purpose that fuels your passion to keep going.

Do you know that you have everything that you need, right at this very moment, to make things happen? That all you need to do is to explore the possibilities with the cards that you have been dealt with, and realize that it’s not a bad hand. You have what it takes to turn your life around and make your dreams a reality.

Join us in the first-ever

where you will
Raise your self-worth ● Ignite your passion
● Make your dreams happen


The Freedom to Dream Summit is happening on April 13, 2019, at the Red Carpet in Shangri-La Plaza.

Freedom to Dream is divided into three plenary sessions:

  • Raising Self-Worth will encourage each of us to break the power of self-doubt and harness the power within.
  • Igniting Your Passion will talk about finding the purpose and passion that excites you.
  • Making it Happen will discuss how to maximize resources and translate your dreams into reality.


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Find out more about this event by watching this video. See you at the Freedom to Dream Summit 2019!