Dresses for Different Kinds of Dates

Valentine’s Day is coming, and we’re sure that your calendar will be packed tight. Of…

Valentine’s Day is coming, and we’re sure that your calendar will be packed tight. Of course, we’re not saying that it will be mostly about a date with a guy. Your friends and family members might want to hang out with you this month. And to make sure that you will look great on all those dates, here are some tips on how to dress up appropriately.

1. Family Dinner: First of all, forget about dressing formally and fancy. Fortunately, since it is still relatively cool outside, go for a short caftan if you’re going to somewhere fancy. Wearing a simple tank top and cargo shorts will do if you’re just going in restos and malling. Check out this chic, casual look below:

2. Dinner with Friends: If you’re just going out with the girls, a casual top and jeans with heels will do. You can still be pretty for your pals by accessorizing your simple getup. Also, wearing a simple skirt or dress with minimal is recommended, too. Check out this off-shoulder ensemble:

3. Dinner with Friends and Potentials: If your friends will bring some potential guy with them, go for dressy casual. Skirts, dress pants, or silk pants are good choices. Make sure that you don’t pair them up with cotton shirts or any type of sports shoes (flats will work best). For your top, you can go for a printed shirt or a turtleneck blouse. Opt for ones with soft hues (rose quartz and serenity are the colors of the year, after all) so you’ll be stylishly feminine on your night out. Check out a perfect example of this outfit below:

Dinner with Your Significant Other: For this one, dress up for your guy. Know what his favorites are when it comes to your clothes. You will never go wrong with this one.

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