The Power of Self-Belief: Dr. Gia Sison

Dr. Gia Sison is one of the speakers at our Freedom to Dream Summit happening…

Doc Gia hosts her own TV show on CNN Philippines entitled, “G Talks.”

Dr. Gia Sison is one of the speakers at our Freedom to Dream Summit happening on April 13. She is a breast cancer survivor, TV host, and mental health advocate. She also acts as an unofficial Ate to over 100,000 followers on Twitter.

We had a quick chat with Doc Gia to learn more about her life’s journey.





Acceptance was the key in coming to terms with breast cancer. “As a doctor, I knew I had hope,” she reveals. In an interview with Rappler, she candidly shares how she took action after the diagnosis.

“When I found out I had cancer six years ago, I went on fight mode. The acceptance came after I was healed. It made me realize that everyone hopes in different ways.

I had to accept the fact that certain things happen for some reason that I may never know.

Doc Gia chose not to dwell on the “why” questions, because “they distracted me from the essence of my present.” Instead, she chose to be hopeful and not worry about things that were out of her control.

What kept her optimistic despite her setback? “My family–my husband and my kids inspired me to keep going. I also wanted to continue doing what I was doing. I drew inspiration from that, and from within myself.”

Doc Gia was quick to admit that she felt angry, frustrated, and fearful. Instead of fighting against her feelings, “I had to feel those emotions to overcome them.”

In addition to validating her emotions, Doc Gia did a lot of talking–to herself and to her family members. Venting was really helpful for her. “It’s a form of therapy,” she recounts. In fact, she invites all of us to “talk about the things that you feel. Don’t mind what people say or feel.”

Throughout her journey, Doc Gia encouraged herself with affirmations. “I’d tell myself, kaya mo yan (you can do it), enjoy your moment, you’ll get over it, and take it one day at a time.”

Before our chat ended, we asked Doc Gia for some parting words. “It’s one thing to experience challenges,” she shares. “But it’s another thing to accept that they happen. Don’t focus too much on what you can’t choose. Be confident in the truth that ‘this, too, shall pass.

Doc Gia’s consistent self-talk created a well of positivity within her spirit. It’s often said that one could not give what they don’t have. Doc Gia is able to bless others with kind words and encouragement because she practiced it to herself first.

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