DIY Fix: Brassy Hair Color

It started out beautiful and glossy. Fresh out of the salon, your hair color made…

It started out beautiful and glossy. Fresh out of the salon, your hair color made you look like you were lit from within! After a few trips to the beach though, and leisurely laps in the pool, your hair color has now turned into a dull, brassy orange shade. What to do?! Save for another visit to the salon to refresh your hair color, here’s an easy fix to tone down orange hair and make it look more cool or ash.

You will need:

Clear colored shampoo (I used Pureology Color Care Shampoo)
White colored conditioner (I used Davines Oi)
Green and blue food coloring (to tone down the orange)
Blue and red food coloring (to tone down yellow on blonde hair)
Green food coloring (to tone down red)
Plastic spoon and bowl for mixing

Step 1: Determine the best color to fix your hair woe. Look at a color wheel and find the color OPPOSITE the color you want to tone down. For example, the color opposite red orange is blue green, while the color opposite yellow is violet. Violet works best for blonde hair that has turned yellow, blue for orange undertones, while green can tone down the red in your hair.

Photo from

Step 2: Mix the food coloring into your shampoo and conditioner until you reach enough saturation of the color to make a difference in your hair.

Left: shampoo with green food coloring. Right: conditioner with green food coloring.

Step 3: Use this mixture every day until you see the colors tone down, and then just use thrice a week for maintenance.

This girl’s hair went from brassy yellow to light brown using food coloring. Photo from Maskcara via Pinterest.

Let me know if this trick works for you, Bellas!

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