Community Guidelines


1. Be Yourself! gives you the freedom to express your thoughts and opinions on BDJ products, Gazette, and Blogs! Share your experiences as a BDJ girl to new Bellas who visit and also tell us your story!

2. Make new friends! We want you to actively participate in this community by posting or linking your blog entries, commenting & liking, and sharing inspiration via Social Media! Show us what you’ve got and let others learn from you!

3. Love your fellow Bellas! brings together different Bellas from all over the Philippines! Learn and build trusted relationships with each other and help with forming a community of Filipinas!


1. Don’t disclose private information! Your privacy is important, and we respect it. You should not be forced or obliged to post/share your confidential information. And the same way, don’t intrude the privacy of others.

2.We encourage positive argumentation. As much as possible, we want to maintain a happy and very positive community for you, Bellas. So, please don’t be mean to each other and practice respect. We trust that you will be a responsible Filipina Bella.

3. Don’t spam. As much as we want you to have the freedom to post and share, we want you also to make this community filled with diverse topics. We encourage you to post and invite others as well to participate in our community.

4. Don’t be rude. If you see something off, say something. Our team reviews reports of abuse. When we see someone violating our community guidelines, we can give out a maximum of 3 warnings, after that you’re out.

5. Don’t cross the line. We encourage Bellas to share and communicate with the rest of the community. We want you to tell us what’s on your mind but if it falls under any of the categories written below, we’ll have to remove it:

  1. Multiple and/or Duplicate Posts. We have zero tolerance on spam posts. If it comes from a human or robot, post will be automatically deleted.
  2. Graphic, Obscene, Explicit, or Racial comments and/or wall posts. Whatever you post online reflects what kind of person you are. We also don’t allow posts which are abusive, hateful, profane, libelous, threatening and embarrassing to anyone or any organization.

6. No buying and selling. This is not a buy & sell community. We will not be liable to any transaction done within the Bellas of the community.

  1. Third Party Solicitations. This includes promotion or endorsement of any financial, commercial or non-governmental agency.
  2. Violation of Copyright or Intellectual Property Rights. Give credit where credit is due. If the post isn’t original, don’t claim it as yours.

The BDJ Team reserves the right to remove any post and/or user at any time for any of the reasons above. We don’t want to be the bringer of bad news and remove people in the community so we wish everyone would adhere to our house rules. We’re friends and we should act like it.