Dressed for Success: Aimee Hashim

If there’s anything nursing taught Aimee Hashim, it’s how to take care of people. Aimee…

If there’s anything nursing taught Aimee Hashim, it’s how to take care of people.

Aimee is a lifestyle consultant, business owner, and a personal shopper to the stars. What few people know is that she finished a degree in nursing, and is a registered nurse.

Nursing was Aimee’s supposed pre-med course. She had the brains and grit to become a doctor, and it was the degree that her parents wanted her to pursue. Not wanting to waste any time, Aimee prepared her CV while waiting for the results of the nursing boards. She applied for a job at Rustan’s thereafter. She recounts that the company’s HR head was impressed with how she carried herself and the way she spoke with them.

Aimee ended up working at Rustan’s as a lifestyle consultant. It was her first job fresh out of college. It may have been a far cry from her degree, but she describes it as her fate. “I was destined to do that when I look at all the odds,” she recounts in an interview with Business World.

Her nursing degree enabled her to have a keen awareness of peoples’ needs. Through building relationships with her clients, Aimee studied their individual tastes and preferences. She discovered what worked and didn’t work for them.

In the course of her lifestyle career, Aimee learned that she passed the nursing boards. She continued her chosen path despite her parents’ disapproval. “(Most of my family members) were engineers, and they wanted to have a doctor in the family.” Besides, working in the fashion industry proved to be the best fit for her. “It just came naturally because I really loved what I was doing,” she beams.

Aimee’s passion for fashion paved the way for her to jumpstart LoveLuxe Trading. She only had one goal: “to become the go-to person of anyone who wanted anything.”

Focusing on this goal became one of LoveLuxe’s trademarks. Today, Aimee has built a formidable network of both designers and clients, and she has no signs of slowing down.

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