A Week with Ashley Sandrine Yap



How do you plan your week ahead? 
I plan my week ahead by always thinking of the top things I’d need to accomplish throughout the week and then finding a suitable schedule for each of them and ensuring that they don’t overlap. Ever since I was young, I always had a little diary/planner with me to write down everything I had to do and accomplish throughout the whole week. I’m actually a very forgetful person, so writing it down is a good way of keeping track of my to-do list.

How do you prioritize your to-do list with daily/weekly commitments/tasks?
Of course I start with the task that has the closest deadline first. If it’s a school or family matter, then I’d prioritize it over everything else. I can always find a different time to do other tasks if they’re not as urgent anyway but I still make sure to reschedule whenever I find available time. It’s all about time management, if you need them accomplished all in one day, then you just have to give a certain time for each of the tasks throughout the day. For example if I need to film something, I’d give myself a specific time to do it and a specific deadline for myself like at 5pm I should be done with this task. It motivates me to finish my task and be more on time to finish my goals.

What’s the best way to start the week?
The best way to start the week is by waking up to a long night’s sleep and listening to good music as soon as I wake up. The music always gets me in the mood to start out a really good day.

Tell us about your morning routine. What gets you pumped up in the morning?
My mornings always start with good music and a good cup of coffee. I can never go a day without my coffee; it’s my everyday fuel. It sets me in a really good mood and gives me the energy I need for the day. I usually wake up early if I have school and then I get my coffee and after that I get ready. I allot an hour and a half for myself in the morning to get ready and do my make-up and get dressed. Doing my makeup in the morning is one of my favorite parts of the day! Knowing that I’m fixed up and wearing a good outfit really gets me excited for the day ahead.

How do you take your breaks on a typical weekday?
On a typical weekday, I usually make plans with my friends ahead of time so I know when I’ll be meeting up with them. My friends and I love to eat, so having a meal with them and having good conversations are my favorite bonding time especially when I have long breaks in school.

What’s the best way to spend Friday night?
The best way to spend a Friday night would probably be with good coffee and dessert and with my closest friends or family. I’m not much of a partygoer; I’m happier with a laid-back kind of hangout with good friends and with meaningful conversations.

How do you relax on weekends?
I relax on weekends by having a day wherein I just get more time to nap. I love sleeping and it makes me feel so good especially if it’s been such a long week! And then I also love reading so I can just be in bed all day with a good book and I wouldn’t mind. But on other days wherein I’d go out, I also like heading to the Bench Skin Expert and get my favorite treatments there to pamper myself. I also make sure that I have time to spend with my family. It’s always good to spend quality time with your loved ones and nothing’s more relaxing than spending time with the people you’re most comfortable with.

The Bellas would love to know how you plan your awesome fashion/beauty looks. Tell us your fashion/beauty secrets. Do share. 

• When planning an outfit, I always have a certain piece in mind already that I want to wear for the day and that’s how I narrow down my outfit selection. For example, I want to wear this certain top, I plan around that and look for pieces that would match that top.

• Look for pegs. When I don’t know how to match my outfit, I usually look for Pinterest photos that have the certain piece I have in mind and look at how they wear their outfit with it.

• Never be afraid to try out new things. If you want to wear something different and unique and you think people will stare at you for it, don’t be shy. My best friend always encourages me to not care about what other people think. If it makes you feel good, then go wear it.

• The brand doesn’t matter. No matter how expensive or cheap your outfit is, what matters is how you carry it. It doesn’t matter if you buy it from a bazaar, as long as you know how to style yourself and you’re confident about it, it’ll look good on you.


Tip 1: Write down your plans. 
Make sure you have a diary or even just your notes in your phone to keep track of your plans for the week to make sure you don’t forget any of them.

Tip 2: Know your priorities.
You can be filled up with a lot of plans for the coming week ahead but knowing your priorities gives you a better perspective on how to plan your week.

Tip 3: Make sure you finish your tasks ahead of time. Don’t wait for the deadline. 

It’s always better to make sure you finish things before the deadline so you won’t have to stress about anything when it comes to the actual day. Cramming isn’t fun. Trust me, it’s better to be done with things early than having to rush things and come up with work that’s mediocre.

Tip 4: Give yourself time to relax.
No matter how hard you’re working, always remember to give yourself a break. If it’s too much work for your body and you don’t give yourself rest then you won’t feel to motivated to finish your tasks.

Tip 5: Reward yourself. 
If you know it’s going to be a very stressful week, give yourself something to look forward to at the end of it. It can be a simple hangout with your girls or a good dinner, etc. Let yourself indulge in something good after putting yourself through a hard week.


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