8 Ways to Get Fit Without Leaving Your Home

Wanna be in shape but lack the budget or courage to go to the gym?…

Wanna be in shape but lack the budget or courage to go to the gym? These lovely fitness enthusiasts share their helpful tips on how to get fit at home.

1. Aim for just one set

Sometimes, you gotta trick your own brain. Set the goal to do just one set of exercises for the day, and you’ll be surprised what can happen next!

“With the demands of parenthood, work, and life, often the hardest part is just getting started, and many times it’s easy to think there’s just not enough time to squeeze in a workout. If I only plan for one set, it doesn’t feel overwhelming, yet what often happens is once I start, the endorphins start to kick in and suddenly it doesn’t seem so hard to keep going. If you only get through one set today, be proud of that one set, and plan to do more the next workout, even if it’s just one more, that’s progress.” Jennifer Gelman, PhD, trainer and mom of five

2. Use social media better

Ditch viral memes and gossip and use the Internet more productively: subscribe to workout videos, follow fitspirationalInstagram accounts for tips and encouraging quotes, join online communities and engage with folks on a similar fitness journey.

“Working out is 90% mental, so starting your mind-set right is key. The best thing about this digital information age is there so many fitness apps and online programs you can use in the comfort of your own home. Start by loading your favorite jams and dancing like nobody’s watching. It’s a fun way to get your cardio on.” —Sheena Vera Cruz, dancer and movement coach

3. Know the drill

If you’ve never been to the gym or had any form of fitness training, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the lingo. Look up some common exercises and how to execute them properly so you can have go-to drills at home.

“When I can’t attend training, I just do a combination of drills. Here’s an example: one frog jump, one burpee, one jump backward, one get-up. That’s one set of one combination. I usually do 10 sets and increase as needed. These power drills help strengthen my body while increasing my stamina. It’s easy because it’s body weight, and I only need enough indoor space to do the drills.” Abbie Remo, IKMF Krav Maga G1 instructor

4. Have a workout buddy

Getting fit definitely gets a whole lot easier, not to mention more fun, when you have a support system nearby. It’s a great way to bond with your loved ones, including your pets!

“Working out at home means I can do it anytime I want, plus I have my hubby to train me as a bonus. And just recently, I hired a dance instructor and added a dance workout to my routine. I do it twice a week and invite my sisters to come over and join me at home to make it more fun.” Sheila Dy Tiu, entrepreneur and blogger

5. Get professional advice

If you can, consult experts who can assess your nutritional needs and physical condition and develop a regimen that’s geared towards reaching your specific goals. They can teach you things you won’t normally learn on your own that can benefit you long after the sessions are over.

“A year into my gym membership, I decided to invest on personal training. My coach took my baseline measurements, and we set tangible goals aimed at strength and endurance. I’ve evolved from doing modified push-ups to military push-ups with a 10-kg plate on my back, from barely being able to lift a 15-lb dumbbell to deadlifting 155 lbs at my weight of 90 lbs. But for me, the biggest benefit was becoming comfortable with how my coach trained me so that I was able to bring this mind-set with me when I moved to Singapore. I can’t afford a gym membership or trainer here, but I’m still in touch with my coach, who from time to time gives me a variety of bodyweight workouts that are just as effective as those you can do at the gym.” —Magel Ordoñez, grad student and fitness enthusiast

6. Get rid of all the junk food

Head to your pantry and fridge and say goodbye! Your eating habits will largely factor into your home fitness routine, and it all starts at the grocery store. Stay away from sugary drinks and processed foods and stock up on healthier options instead. If you can’t carve out the time to shop and cook wholesome meals from scratch, consider ordering daily delivery. Services like Diet Buddy prepare organic, portion-controlled meals that don’t taste like diet food at all. Others, like Paleo Manila, offer more customized meal plans for those with food intolerance or specific nutritional requirements. Whatever you need to do to curb your junk food binges, go for it! Repeat after us: you can’t out-workout a bad diet

“Replace your cravings with healthy substitutes, like frozen Greek yogurt and fruits for ice cream. I have energy balls from Mana Bites to replace a lot of my cravings, and lemon water for juices.” Lexi Noval, artist and CyclehouseMNLcoach

7. Work fitness into your day

The key is to keep at it until it becomes habit, so even on days when you can’t get a proper workout in, strive to incorporate some moves into your ordinary tasks.

“We all have our lazy days, but any workout is always better than no workout! Anything to just keep yourself moving is great. I like running up the stairs several times. Good for the legs, and a great way to get your heart rate up. Instead of working seated at a desk, I like to do wall squats. You won’t even notice how long you’ve been squatting! I also push myself to do ab workouts while watching TV ’cause you can literally do it anywhere. It’s all about being creative and mixing it up with your daily tasks!” —Aya Gonzales, manager and CyclehouseMNL coach

8. Play, don’t exercise

If the mere thought of doing sit-ups intimidates or bores you, go with something that doesn’t feel like exercise. Fitness video games are an effective way to get fit at home. You can do everything from yoga to strength training activities and track your progress at the same time. You can just dance, play sports, or do martial arts to sweat it off while having fun.

Gyms like Anytime Fitness have interactive stationary bikes and treadmills where you can watch Netflix or YouTube videos—with a basic machine at home, you can do something similar! Just hop on it, get your device ready, and binge-watch your way to a sweatier, fitter you. You might just enjoy the endorphin rush so much that you end up trying the other tips listed here.

Whichever first step you decide to take towards fitness, the important thing is to get started and keep going, Bellas!

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