7 Places to Donate or Sell Your Old Stuff

Just finished spring-cleaning your house? Turn trash into treasure by passing them on to others in need…

Just finished spring-cleaning your house? Turn trash into treasure by passing them on to others in need or selling them for a small fee.

By Mimi Tiu

What: Toys, books, art materials, and musical instruments
Who: Philippine Toy Library
How: philippinetoylibrary.org; 0915-9410995; info@toylibraryph.com
Why: Your child’s forgotten playthings can still bring a smile to another kid’s face! Philippine Toy Library creates nationwide play centers where these donated items can be a source of joy and learning for impoverished youth.

What: Clothes, shoes, and bags
Who: The Appraisery
How: facebook.com/The-Appraisery-445288108825571; 0998-5513006
Why: Have your pre-loved items appraised and if this coffee shop decides to take your stuff, you have two options: get 30% of the item’s value in cash form or take 50% of the item’s value as store credit. How cool is that?

What: Anything you want to give away—from slightly used or worn out clothes to old materials from your office
Who: Segunda Mana
How: caritasmanila.org.ph/inkind.php; 564-0205 and 562-0020 to 25; caritas_manila@yahoo.com
Why: Caritas Manila created Segunda Mana which literally means “secondhand.” The organization collects things—both old and new—which could be resold. The money earned would then fund Caritas Manila’s programs for the poor.

What: Clothes
Who: H&M Garment Clothing Initiative
How: www.hm.com/ph/garment-collecting 
Why: The Swedish retail company makes a conscious effort to lessen the fashion industry’s waste by offering to collect old textiles (from any brand and in any condition) then finding ways to resell, reuse, and recycle them. Fill a bag with old garments and you get a 15% discount voucher for your next purchase (only two bags/vouchers are allowed per day). For every kilogram of clothes H&M collects, they donate 0.02 euros to a local charity.

What: Keyboard, glass lenses, wine bottles, playing cards, Scrabble and domino pieces
Who: Papemelroti
How: papemelroti.com/recycling_centers.htm 
Why: This specialty gift shop makes it their mission to upcycle items while providing livelihood opportunities. Visit any of their branches with the aforementioned items placed in a bag, label it “To: Tina/For Recycling,” and they’ll take care of the rest.

What: Clothes, school supplies, beddings, and dinnerware 
Who: Virlanie Foundation
How: virlanie.org/get-involved/donate; 895-5260 and 896-2289; info@virlanie.org
Why: This non-profit organization cares for Filipino street children by supplying them with basic necessities obtained through generous donations. Aside from clothing, educational, and household needs, the foundation is also open to receiving perishable contributions (food and medicine).

What: Clean rags, towels, newspapers, and boxes
Who: Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)
How: www.paws.org.ph; 475-1688; philpaws@paws.org.ph
Why: Aside from donating sustenance or adopting a pet, you can help out animal shelters by donating practical materials which they can use to line dog pans and kitty beds daily.

Featured photo copyright: teerapun / 123RF Stock Photo

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