10 Filipino Beauty Vloggers Love

Follow these vloggers for #MOTD inspiration! By Mimi Tiu BDJ Box Girls Why you should follow…

Follow these vloggers for #MOTD inspiration! By Mimi Tiu

BDJ Box Girls
Why you should follow them: Gain a wealth of beauty knowledge from BDJ Box’s very own Kate Alvarez, Bambi Dela Cruz, and Valerie Tan. Aside from doing regular unboxing videos of the BDJ Box Elite, these girls teach you a variety of tricks such as how to use dry shampoo, score beach waves, or apply turquoise eyeliner.

Anne Clutz
Why you should follow her: Natural and easygoing, Taglish-speaking Anne makes it feel like she’s your beauty-obsessed friend who’s always eager to share her latest finds. While away the time by clicking on any of Anne’s monthly favorites and first impression videos. You’ll be certain to hear frank reviews from her.

Kris Lumagui 
Why you should follow her: When she’s not busy teaching English to public school students, Kris spends her time testing beauty products and posting them online (her most popular post to date is a tutorial on how to rebond your hair at home). She joined last year’s Beauty Bound Asia contest, flew to Tokyo, and got the chance to meet YouTube sensation Michelle Phan. Lucky girl!

Say Tioco
Why you should follow her: The Filipino-Chinese lifestyle and beauty vlogger gives you glimpses of her exciting lifethrough her YouTube channel. This makeup enthusiast rose to fame due to her Filipino-spoken videos, namely A Tagalog Brow Tutorial (over 350K views) and No Makeup Makeup Tutorial (over 299K views).

Ana Victorino
Why you should follow her: If you’re looking for legit five-minute makeup tutorials, Ana’s your girl! She’s got detailed beauty looks for every It Girl you can think of—Gigi Hadid, Pia Wurtzbach, Selena Gomez, Maine Mendoza, Kathryn Bernardo, and more! She can even teach you how to look like a K-pop star or a Bratz doll (if that’s your thing).

Shebby Liquete
Why you should follow her: From dewy everyday makeup to sultry date looks to music video-inspired faces, this professional makeup artist studies both Eastern and Western makeup trends and shares how Filipinas can make it work for them.

Teena Arches
Why you should follow her: Plus-sized model and actress Teena uploads a mix of glamorous and funny looks for you to copy (check out her most recent Kylie Jenner and Lola Nidora tutorials!). Her cheery personality will make it difficult for you to stop watching her videos.

Bretman Rock 
Why you should follow him: This Hawaii-based teen vlogger has gained a massive online following by posting YouTube tutorials on facial contouring (over 1.5 million views) and doing your eyebrows (over 1.1 million views). What sets him apart from other beauty vloggers is his sass (be prepared to hear profanity) and exaggerated facial expressions.

Who are your favorite beauty vloggers, Bellas?

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